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Welcome to the Pending Internet Computerized Adaptive Test (PiCAT). This test predicts future military training and job success. People with high scores on this test have a better chance of qualifying for entry into the military and into select jobs within the military. In order for the scores to be a good measure of your qualification, they must be accurate. Following the instructions below will help increase the accuracy of your scores.

You should be well-rested when you take the test. You should also try your best on the test, and take the test in a quiet place and without interruptions. You should try to finish the test without stopping. It takes most people about two hours or less to complete all parts of the test.

You should not look up answers to test questions or obtain answers from others, as your final score will not be representative of your true abilities. Use only your own knowledge to answer the questions---do not use unauthorized assistance. As you take the test, you should have a pencil and scratch paper in front of you for any figuring you need to do. Any other materials should NOT be used, including reference books, internet sources, a calculator, and other such help.